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Generalised Anxiety & Work-related Stress

I contacted Clare to enquire about having hypnotherapy sessions to help me to understand and overcome anxiety. For months, I had become increasingly anxious in particular settings and these anxious feelings were having a greater impact on all aspects of my life. I was feeling exhausted, hopeless and afraid of what each day would bring. 

Clare used a mixture of coaching, hypnotherapy and mindfulness to help me to understand where these feelings were coming from and to become more aware of the impact on my mental and physical well-being. The sessions worked to build my confidence and trust in myself and helped me to accept my feelings, and to move beyond these to become a calmer, more positive me. As a result I became able to put issues into perspective and tackle obstacles/issues both at work and home in a more objective, rational and centred way. In just a few weeks I was feeling much more at ease, confident, stronger and happier. 

Clare is an amazing, knowledgable and caring therapist. She put me at ease immediately with her friendly and approachable manner. I felt that Clare really understood how I was feeling and what I was experiencing, and tailored the therapy to my needs. I recommend Clare to anyone seeking therapy for anxiety, and for other conditions/issues. Thank you Clare!     

Laura, Rotherham, 2018 

Fear of Flying

I contacted Clare after admitting to myself I didn’t like flying. I am 43 and I have flown all my adult life, but with age and having children my anxiety has increased considerably to a point where I wanted to avoid going on holiday. I am a confident logical man, so this mindset made little sense to me. Clare took the time to understand who I was and some of my life history, this enabled us to find the route cause of the problem, from this point Clare took me through a process of therapy where we dealt with each step of the journey in a detailed manner, I knew in my mind after the last session I felt differently, so it was time to board the plane! I had the therapy 2 months ago and have since taken 6 flights, the therapy has changed my life and really helped the whole experience, I’m now a support for my wife!! The other upside of this therapy is the unlocking of the route cause this has enabled me to see the world differently and be much more content day to day. If you are considering contacting Clare, I strongly recommend you do and enjoy the therapy she can provide.

Matt, Doncaster, 2018

Generalised Anxiety & Overwhelm

I was recommended Clare by a friend who had been treated successfully by Clare for a phobia. I was at my lowest ebb when I started my sessions with Clare. My anxiety had taken over my daily life to the point where I struggled to leave the house in fear of having a panic attack. I had to have time off from my job which I normally love, having been signed off work with acute anxiety and stress by my GP due to being unable to cope.  After just the initial telephone consultation with Clare I felt more positive and relieved that someone understood how I was feeling and thinking. Clare tailored the sessions to my individual needs and in just a short period of four weeks of CBT/Hypnotherapy I feel like a new, more confident person who isn’t afraid of anxiety and, as a result, I now hardly experience it and can now use the tools and strategies given to me to lead a full and happy life. Thank you Clare!

F.S, Barnsley

Infertility Anxiety

After trying to get pregnant for around 5 years, having several failed fertility treatments and facing the prospect of more IVF I was exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious and emotionally drained.

Clare was recommended to me by friends who thought she may help me achieve a better frame of mind regarding my infertility. Clare was so compassionate in her approach and I left each session feeling more calm and able to cope. She made recordings on my phone to take away and listen too prior to and during hospital appointments. When I approached my last round of IVF I felt calm and positive. I also felt the benefits in all other aspects of my daily life.

My IVF was a success and I now have a beautiful baby boy. I’m sure being so relaxed helped me to conceive when all other attempts had failed. I can’t thank Clare enough for the help she gave me in shifting my mindset and enabling me to cope with the challenges of infertility.

D.S, Sheffield

Test performance anxiety

Having had lessons to learn to ride a motorbike, I put in for my tests but kept failing because of severe nerves leading to anxiety and panic.  I tried different herbal remedies but none of them worked.

I then went to see Clare and can only say WOW!  After two sessions with Clare, I went back and passed BOTH tests with flying colours and no minor faults at all!

I would highly recommend her to anybody and can only say "Thank you, Clare, for helping me so much".

O.T, Rotherham

Overcoming my fear of flying


I'm a 41 year old Barnsley bloke with a wife and 2 kids and not scared of much but flying terrified me, so much so that I dreaded our family holiday and even while we were away I worried about the journey home. My fear became worse when I became a dad. At the beginning of 2015 we booked to go to Florida, the family were excited and the only thing I could think of was how on earth was I going to get through the flight! One sunny Sunday morning over our boys football match, Clare told us what she did and I dared to think I might be able to go to Florida.


I was welcomed into Clare's therapy room, an embarrassed bloke with a wish of being cured of my fear. I left feeling a stone lighter, calm and genuinely looking forward to our holiday of a lifetime. I went to see Clare only once and I don't know what she did or how but I stepped on to the plane without any anxiety and happy to be going on holiday, I even had a drink, something to eat and a conversation with my family during the flight, all these things I would never have done before. Thank you Clare, you have enabled all of my family to feel excited about holidays abroad.

A.H. (Male) Barnsley

Flying Phobia

" I booked my first and up to present, my only session with Clare in August 2015 prior to flying to Florida with my 3 children. My fear of flying affected me from talking about the holiday with the children, something that we should have been doing for months during the run-up to the holiday.  However, with less than a week to go I just couldn't even mention it. My thoughts on flying were simply that the plane was going to crash- it was that severe.  I believed that our lives would end and we would never get to have the holiday of a lifetime.  I was so worried that my fear of flying would be passed on to my children and that I physically wouldn't be able to get on the plane and the entire holiday was doomed to never happen.

Clare discussed with me how I would like the travel experience to Florida be like, the holiday to be and my thoughts and feelings about both the outbound and the return journey.
What I wanted was very simple: to enjoy the experience, feel relaxed and happy and be able enjoy my children whilst there.
Clare gave me just that and more! Much more. The experience was very emotional and looking back still is, as I never expected the session to give me so much. Two years on I feel I would be more than happy to go on a plane excited and actually look forward to the journey as oppose to fear it. My therapy session has been priceless without a doubt. Thank you Clare, so much."

                                                                                                                                                                                       Emma, Barnsley

Work-related anxiety & overwhelm

Clare was a huge help to me with some anxiety issues I was having, particularly around work. I was struggling to cope with the pressure of my work - managing an oversized workload, presenting to clients and carrying the everyday pressure of hitting targets and deadlines. I was doing well in all these areas on the outside but in a constant state of anxiety on the inside. I had butterflies most days, would feel breathless and panicky at times. I felt like at any moment I would be "found out" and sacked when in reality i regularly received positive feedback on my work performance. Clare helped me find the route of my anxiety and fears and worked with me to address them. I no longer have butterflies everyday and am far more relaxed when presenting. I have more confidence in my own capabilities and am able to enjoy my work now. I would whole heartedly recommend Clare to any other professional, she was a huge help to me.

E.S. (Female) Sheffield

Post-traumatic stress & anxiety

After becoming pregnant with my second daughter, and following a traumatic first birth, I decided to see Clare in order to help me to release some of the feelings I had about the experience, and to allow me to enjoy my second pregnancy. Before our sessions, I struggled with a great deal of anxiety surrounding the process of birthing, and certain memories from my first birth caused me to panic. During our sessions, I was able to confront and process my feelings about my first birth, and ultimately move forwards and prepare for my second daughter to be born. Clare supported me to come to terms with the birth of my oldest daughter, and helped me to accept what happened. I was then able to compose a birth plan for an elective c section, confidently informing hospital staff of mine and my husband's wishes. I felt calm and relaxed during the birth of my youngest daughter, and was able to experience a positive and healing birth. The techniques that Clare taught me were invaluable during the whole process; even during my very short hospital stay after the birth. I will be forever grateful for the support and knowledge Clare has given to me and my family.

K.A. (Female) Hoyland, Barnsley

Performance & Work-life balance coaching

The coaching sessions I had with Clare Moore helped me to get a better work-life balance, by setting goals and a clear path to achieve them. As a business owner, it can sometimes be difficult to cope with the pressures at work, whilst still trying to be there as much as you can for your family. After I had the coaching sessions, I felt much better able to delegate tasks to other people in the office. I was able to open up better channels of communication at work so staff knew what was expected of them and what their role was in the business achieving its goals. This meant that I didn’t have to be working in the business all the time and could take some more time out for myself and my family. Clare is a very professional coach and gives you the confidence to make small, but significant changes in your life which has led to a very positive outcome for me. I would recommend anyone to choose Clare as their mentor/coach as she has the knowledge and skills, backed with real empathy and understanding to set anyone on the right path to a healthier and happier life.

M.W (Female) Penistone

Depression, anxiety & insomnia

Clare is a superb practitioner and puts you at ease from the first session. She worked with me to tackle post-trauma depression and the associated anxiety and insomnia that was holding me back in my personal and professional life. She was extremely understanding and worked to provide both insightful counseling and hypnotherapy sessions which tackled the issues I was facing one by one leading to an increase in my self-worth and an overall happier and healthier mindset for me to get back on with life. I cannot recommend her enough.

N.J. (Male) Rotherham

Treatment for pre-birth anxiety in anticipation of becoming a mum to triplets:

After the surprise of finding out I was expecting triplets and the recommendation from my sister who successfully had a home birth using HypnoBirthing taught by Clare, I had no hesitation in arranging several HypnoBirthing sessions which gave me the tools I needed to fall back on in preparation for the birth.

I also did some additional hypnotherapy sessions with Clare specifically to help me overcome my anxiety in the imminent parenthood challenges I was about to face. Clare was genuinely interested in and concerned about my situation and well-being. She listened attentively and during our sessions helped me build my confidence and self-belief in being a 'good enough' parent. I found this to be invaluable during a massive life event. Her professionalism, openness and attention to detail made the whole process very easy and enjoyable.

J.S. (Female) Sheffield

Therapy for anxiety & stress

I had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Clare for anxiety and stress. The sessions took place at Clare's therapy room which had a warm, welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. I found Clare to be professional, warm and welcoming, putting me at ease. Clare spent time with me to help me identify what the stresses in my life were and from there she planned sessions to meet my individual needs. I was provided with written and audio aids that I took away with me and I have been able to use these when and wherever I needed. The sessions with Clare were very relaxing and helped me to manage and reduce my stress and anxiety. I would recommend Clare to anyone considering hypnotherapy.

J.H. (Female), Swinton, Rotherham

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