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What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a non-physical therapy that uses hypnosis combined with psycho-therapeutic (talking therapy) techniques to help you to overcome problems, fears, anxiety, get rid of unwanted habits, and achieve the lasting changes in your thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviours and habits that you want to make.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a perfectly naturally occurring relaxed state. It is a state of relaxation with heightened awareness so it is different to being either awake or asleep. You naturally did hypnosis a lot as a child and in fact, you still do now several times throughout each day. If you have ever driven along a familiar route and not remembered all the journey, this is an example of you being in a light hypnotic trance. Whenever you daydream, get emotionally absorbed in a good book, TV programme or a creative activity and also just before you got to sleep you’re in a hypnotic state.

Why willpower alone is often not enough

When we are awake and getting on with our day, most of our time we are engaged in “thinking” mode, using our conscious mind to process the information around us in a logical way.
However, far more powerful is our subconscious or unconscious mind. This is the part of our mind that holds all our beliefs, values, our habits and programming and importantly our imagination and creativity. It is this part of our mind that is responsible for our auto-pilot response- namely, the instant thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours that form our automatic response to any situation that we perceive, even if consciously we wish we were reacting differently.

Oftentimes, we may try to override unhelpful or unwanted habits, thoughts and feelings through logical reasoning and willpower e.g. “I must lose weight so I can be healthy”, “Im not going to bite my nails anymore”, “I’ve got to stop reacting like that”.  The problem is that willpower and thought alone rarely succeed in making the lasting changes that we so want.  This is because our powerful subconscious programming will always remain in control. So, making the changes through sheer willpower and “wanting to” alone can be a frustrating and difficult experience.

How Hypnotherapy works

During hypnosis, as your mind and body relaxes, you can use our imagination more effectively and the powerful, subconscious part of your mind becomes more open and receptive to positive ideas and suggestions.

Whilst you are experiencing this pleasant, relaxed state, Clare will communicate with your subconscious through the use of suggestions and reframing to help you release difficult emotions, break unwanted habits and patterns and help you create new desired patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviour that are aligned with your goals. You will find, this way, that that your subconscious mind becomes naturally aligned with your goals.

As a result, your automatic thoughts, reactions, responses and behaviours will change to support the achievement of these goals. You will more easily be able to stay on track and spot and take opportunities in support of your goals that might otherwise have been missed or deliberately avoided. This is the case whatever changes you want to make i.e. whether your goal is to overcome a fear or phobia, get rid of negative thoughts or feelings, increase your confidence, stop an unwanted habit, lose weight.... etc.

It is important to stress that whilst in hypnosis you remain in control at all times. You remember everything and you cannot be made to do anything against your will.

My customised approach to therapy

Hypnotherapy can help with most emotional problems and unwanted habits that an individual is struggling with. Certain physical problems can also be effectively treated with hypnosis too including IBS, insomnia and chronic pain through identifying and addressing the underlying causes – often emotional – for the physical symptoms experienced.

I provide an integrative approach to therapy within a framework of hypnotherapy. That is, I create an individual therapy plan for every client, based on each client’s specific experience of their problem/issue/condition, the changes that they want to make and the outcomes that they want to achieve.
The resultant therapy plan usually involves a tailored blend of approaches which may include cognitive-behavioral hypnotherapy, analytical and regression-based hypnotherapy, solutions focused hypnotherapy, plus other evidence-based interventions including mindfulness, NLP, EMDR, EFT.

My primary objective when working with you is to help you move away from your problem as quickly as possible and achieve your desired goals in effective and lasting ways.

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It is requested that clients suffering from clinical depression, including bipolar disorder, consult their GP prior to contacting a hypnotherapist.

Due to it being inadviseable that people with the following conditions and diagnoses undertake hypnotic or mindfulness interventions, I am unable to offer treatment to you if:

  • you have been diagnosed with epilepsy
  • you have ever experienced psychotic episodes or been diagnosed with psychosis
  • you have a psychiatric disorder including schizophrenia


DISCLAIMER: The therapeutic advice and interventions that I provide on this website and during client sessions are complementary therapies and for this reason they must not to be seen as a substitute for professional healthcare advice from your GP and other clinicians.  Results can vary between individual people. I abide by the National Council for Hypnotherapy's Code of ethics.