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What is Coaching?

Coaching differs from therapy. Coaching is a series of conversations between me, the coach and you, the client. As coach, my role is to help you to  move successfully and confidently from where you are now to where you want to be, helping you to overcome any obstacles to success that you encounter along the way. During coaching, I will help you clarify what matters to you based on your own values and beliefs before helping you to set achievable goals and to move forward through to their successful achievement.

It's all about YOU

A coaching relationship is like no other because of the powerful combination of the coach’s objective detachment to the client’s issues and their complete commitment to the client’s goals.This is why, you can be assured that my primary focus during my coaching conversations is YOU – your success, your happiness and the ultimate achievement of your goals and desired outcomes become my steadfast commitment to you. I am there to support you even if you have a ‘wobble’ or two or if new challenges arise along the way.

Life, Personal Development & Performance Coaching

Coaching can be extremely helpful for many people. You may feel stuck in a rut in some area of your life, work or area of performance. You may be suffering from procrastination, feeling like you are constantly taking one step forward and three steps back or even not moving off square one.  Making any kind of progress may feel like wading through treacle, scary or completely overwhelming. Coaching can help support and empower positive changes to enable you to achieve success in your life, your personal development and professional /business/career/performance goals.

Some of the common obstacles and challenges that I help clients address through Coaching include:

  • Procrastination
  • Overwhelm /panic
  • Modifying habits
  • Lack of focus or clarity about the next steps
  • Low confidence, lack of self-belief
  • Fear of failure / perfectionism
  • Fear of success
  • Time management
  • Exam, test, interview, presentation nerves
  • Lack of assertiveness
  • Relations with others affecting performance
  • Resilience-building
  • Work-life imbalance – see below:

Work-Life Balance Coaching

It is often impossible to separate work from life. People’s lives usually don’t package neatly into separate bundles of job/work; home; health and well-being (e.g. diet, exercise, unhealthy habits) ; finances; relationships; social and recreational. Imbalances or difficulties in one area usually negatively impacts on one or more other areas. Poor health, for example might cause problems in a person’s social life, relationships, home and work. As a coach I can work with you to identify, clarify and redress the imbalances and struggles to help improve your life and performance in the areas that you want to get results in.

Me as your Coach

Coaching sessions with me are always future-focused on the achievement of my client’s goals. I provide a fully integrative style where I am able to offer a combination of leading-edge, scientifically-based approaches within a framework of Coaching to help you achieve a truly transformational level of clarity and results.  I may use NLP techniques, EFT and if required, therapy, depending upon your individual needs, goals and challenges.

My pledge to you:

“In my role as coach I remain supportive, objective and non-judgmental at all times.
My role is to listen carefully to understand  how you view and experience the world.
During our coaching sessions, I will listen carefully, make observations, provide feedback, ask important and powerful questions and reflect back to stimulate your ideas and help create real clarity and focus.

My aim is to help and encourage you to:

- See opportunities for improvement in your life, work and your performance

- Identify and clarify your goals

-Understand the very nature of thought and its role in creating our experience

- Agree and put into practise between coaching sessions the practical steps needed to move forward to achieve your goals

- Build a work life balance that fulfils you, reduces stress levels and increases your happiness

- Acknowledge your achievements, what worked well and how you can use that again

- Identify and utilise resources that you need to move forward effectively

- Rise to challenges & overcome obstacles and self-sabotaging limited beliefs (even ones that may seem insurmountable)

- Move into action with greater ease and confidence."

If you would like to find out more about me as your prospective coach please visit my About Me page here...

Your role in Coaching

Sessions will be fully interactive and require your full involvement, focus and commitment to achieving your desired outcomes.

Throughout the process and always with my full support, you will identify, write down and put into practise between sessions the action steps that will help you most effectively move forward and make real progress towards your goals. A discussion on progress made and any obstacles that arose will be the initial focus at the start of the next coaching session.
At the same time, in both my roles as a coach or therapist, I always like to teach you how to use the techniques covered during our sessions, including making personalised audio recordings for you as appropriate. These recordings are provided free of charge.

The first step to getting started is a free, no-obligation, confidential chat, over the phone or face -to-face. The purpose of this is for you to have an opportunity to tell me about your needs and for me to say whether I believe I can do a good job in coaching you. There’s no obligation or cost for this.

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