What is NLP?

NLP stands for ‘Neuro Lingusitic Programming’ . Described as the “instruction manual for your mind”, put simply, it is concerned with how we communicate with ourselves and each other. 
NLP looks at :

- The way in which we think and process our thoughts (:Neuro)

- The language patterns we use (:Linguistic)

- How we sequence our actions to achieve the results we want (:Programming)


- Their positive or negative effect on us as individuals.

NLP techniques comprise of a well-established collection of different models and interventions that can help achieve beneficial change in the way a person thinks and behaves.

For example, we may be using negative self-talk or behave in ways that are unhelpful, restrictive or undesired based on our current beliefs, assumptions perception of a situation or relationship with others.

NLP can be used to change the way you think, how you communicate with yourself and others and to challenge your limiting beliefs to achieve swift and successful change.
NLP techniques are often undertaken at a fast pace, more rapidly than the conscious mind can process enabling changes to occur at the deeper level of the subconscious (unconscious) mind. Therefore, you can start to notice immediately that you are automatically thinking and acting differently and in ways that you want to experience.

To help you to reinforce and maintain your desired changes, I  will often teach you NLP techniques so that you can easily continue to use them going forward as required.

As a fully qualified NLP Coach and therapist, I utilise NLP techniques during both my coaching and therapy sessions with clients.

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