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Mental health problems affect millions of people the world over.  For those of us who are living with them right now - whether you're experiencing the effects of ongoing anxiety, stress, low mood, depression or something else - the world can feel like a lonely, difficult place to be in.

Thankfully, with the growing awareness raising of mental health issues by the UK media, supported by influential figures such as Prince Harry and the Duke of Duchess and Cambridge and the incredible work of charities such as Mind, Heads Together, Young Minds and Rethink, the misunderstandings and stigmas that have for many years unfairly surrounded mental health issues are being eroded both at work and in society in general.

The fact that this week celebrates World Mental Health Day Support is a timely opportunity for me to help raise awareness that help is out there. Real help.   People are increasingly on hand to listen and offer support in your local area.

Here in Wath upon Dearne in Rotherham, at Clare Moore Hypnotherapy, I'm here to help and am passionate about helping others who are experiencing mental health problems. I am trained and professionally qualified in a wide range of safe, effective, evidence-based therapies and interventions.  I can help you take back control in your life by helping you to safely change negative and unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
The first step is simply to get in touch.  So if you or anyone that you know is struggling mental health issues and you would like to find out how I can help:

CALL ME TODAY on 07876795871 - Ask about our FREE consultation service
I offer a free, no-obligation 30-45 minute consultation where I will listen to your needs sensitively and non-judgementally. This will enable me to identify and discuss with you the most effective therapies and interventions to help you to achieve the outcomes that you want to make.

Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness are safe, evidence-based, effective therapeutic approaches.  They are recognised by many fields of conventional medicine as reliable and beneficial alternative therapies in helping people manage mental health and other psychologically-based issues.  These therapies can safely be used alongside prescription drugs and even, with permission from your GP, as an alternative to prescription drugs.

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